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Products Available

Now Booking for 2o23 and 2024!

Please note:

There is a $250 minimum order. Add-ons are only available with a block purchase, tray, shadow box, or coaster set.

**This does not apply if your flowers are already dried/fake**

 (We offer 10% off *block* prices if flowers are already dried/fake.)


Round Coasters

4" Across - 1" Depth

$50 per coaster or $195 for a set

of 4. 


Hexagon Block

5" Width - 3" Depth: $355

7' Width - 3" Depth: $505

9" Width - 3" Depth: $655

10" Width - 2.5" Depth: $725

11" Width - 3" Depth: $800

Add Gold Handles for Tray: $50


Wine/Bottle Stopper

Stoppers are available in 5 different shapes. $55 each.



Shot Glass

Shot glass: $35 each

or 4 for $125.


Acrylic Tray

11”x14”x2” - $700

 *Please note this tray is shallow and may not fit large/tall flowers. Roses will be pressed to fit tray in a flat form, and not the 3D form like in standard blocks*

Tray comes with Gold Handles


Square Coasters

4" Across - 1" Depth

$50 per coaster or $195 for a set of 4. 


Round Block

7" Across and 2" Depth


Add Gold Handles for Tray: $50



Square Block

4"x 4"x 3": $275

6"x 6"x 3": $425

8"x 8"x 3": $575

10"x 10"x 3": $725

12"x 12"x 3": $850

Add Gold Handles for Tray: $50


Prism Ring Holder


2.72" x 1.93" Small: $55

4.6" x 2.55" Standard: $85


(Add-on) (Ornament's back is frosted) 

3" Across - 0.5" Depth: $55


Decorative Jars

Decorative Jar A: $85

Decorative Jar B: $95


 Wood Tray

(Photo has black resin added)



- Round 12”- 14” Across - 2” Depth

- Rectangle 11”x14”x2” 

Dark wood with black handles.

 *Large/Tall flower may not fit.* Roses will be pressed to fit tray in a flat form, and not the 3D form like in standard blocks*


Add Black Resin Color: $25 (Photo has Black added)


Rectangle Block

8x5x3: $425

10x7x3: $600

12x9x3: $775

Add Gold Handles for Tray: $50


Letter Block

Alphabet Letter range in sizes from 5"- 8” - $295

*Shallow Mold - Larger/Tall flowers may not fit- 1.7” Depth

Add an “&” Block for two letters: 5”x5”x1.7”: $150 (Add-on)

*Letter molds are created to have the bottom of the mold be the viewing side - a mirrored affect. This leaves less room to be able to eliminate bubbles on the bottom/viewing side. 


Shadow Box


(No Resin - Made with pine and an acrylic front panel with a natural wood backing.) 

Rectangle 9x11x3: $425

Rectangle 11x14x3: $500

Square 8x8x3: $375

Square 12x12x3: $475

*Custom sizes available on request

*Please note that shadow boxes are extremely fragile and do not hold up to the longevity of resin preservation, as the flowers are exposed to their environment. Handle with care. 

*Please note the depth of each mold compared to your floral arrangement. Larger flowers may not fit. We do our absolute best to fit as many flowers that best suits the mold, but we cannot guarantee use of the entire arrangement. If you'd like any dried/unused flowers or any supplies/vases returned, there is an additional fee to ship and this MUST be requested in advance at time of deposit. We also HIGHLY recommend sending extra bouquets if possible for extras and backup florals. (Bridesmaid bouquets work great!)

*Flowers may be pressed to fit molds at customer's discretion.

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